@Ableton Live v9.7 is out today, and that new stuff is OOH HELL YEAH!! Especially for for Simpler and Push!! Thanks @cdmblogs, good stuff!

cdmblogs-live9-7Live 9.7 is officially out today! I’ve already downloaded and installed ‘cos I’m an IT nerd who always wants the latest and greatest – but then I’ve been sidetracked with other stuff, so haven’t yet messed with it – ’bout to though!
Anyway, definitely some new cool stuff in there. All the Simpler goodies (w. and w/out a Push) is pretty badass! Another one is the ability to use Push to play 16 velocities of your drums (vs. going back in and mouse drawing them in later).  And that’s just a couple things!
Your fave blog probably has the breakdown, but I have been reading up on all the new stuff over @CDMblogs

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