Hey Dog and Music Lovers! Think You Might Like This @WashingtonPost Article. ;)

Long time since I’ve posted on my own site, I know, I know.  Hope all of your new year’s are going well.  Relatively at least, anyway.  Anyway, was just sent this article that is a great read re: dogs and music calming them.  My dogface definitely likes rockin’ it down with the original chief rocka of the Wild Bunch Crew. Trust. (aka Massive Attack. 😉 )

Anyway, read on “Music helps dogs chill out, especially if it’s reggae or soft rock” @ . . .


Holy spooky doppelgänger batman!

dopplegangerSo apparently in my down time, I’m in a band with the guitarist from The Strokes called CRX (which is also one of the Honda’s I always wanted as a kid, heh).

Holy spooky doppelgänger!

(2nd from left)

TekMonki Remixes – including @baircave – @MiikeSnow – @MissyElliott – @imogenheap and more, (and free downloads)!

tekmonki_remixes_2016Hi everybody, hope you’re good.

First, just wanted to thank all of you that liked and voted for my latest remix – baircave “Is Everything Okay?”.  Very much appreciated!!  And hopefully I tear that contest up!  This Monki needs a new bunch of bananas to share around!!

Also wanted to let you know, in case you didn’t already, that I have a long list of remixes I’ve done over the years that you can listen to and download here.

And soon soon enough, shall have some more stuff up on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, etc;  – more on that later though.  😉

For now, enjoy!

WARNING: New TekMonki Earworm! “Is Everything Okay?”

baircave-is-everything-ok-tekmonki-remixJust completed a new remix for baircave – really great song to begin with, and was happy to give it that TekMonki house vibe.

Do please go vote for it as TekMonki needs some new bananas!  (and a bit of promo of course, heh).

Voting, commenting, and a free download are this way: baircave – Is Everything Okay? (TekMonki Vocal Remix)

Oh, and more new/recent news on the science of #earworms from the American Psychological Association here – “Psychologists identify key characteristics of earworms“.

@Ableton Live v9.7 is out today, and that new stuff is OOH HELL YEAH!! Especially for for Simpler and Push!! Thanks @cdmblogs, good stuff!

cdmblogs-live9-7Live 9.7 is officially out today! I’ve already downloaded and installed ‘cos I’m an IT nerd who always wants the latest and greatest – but then I’ve been sidetracked with other stuff, so haven’t yet messed with it – ’bout to though!
Anyway, definitely some new cool stuff in there. All the Simpler goodies (w. and w/out a Push) is pretty badass! Another one is the ability to use Push to play 16 velocities of your drums (vs. going back in and mouse drawing them in later).  And that’s just a couple things!
Your fave blog probably has the breakdown, but I have been reading up on all the new stuff over @CDMblogs

Hey DJ’s and music producers, @DJTechTools has a verrrry interesting read re: @Spotify, @AppleMusic, #MixBANK and @Soundcloud today.


Very interesting short read over at DJ TechTools today. In short, that Apple Music + Spotify are now streaming unofficial remixes and doing so via a service called MixBANK. Apparently this service will verify and acquire any needed rights for remixing the original track, and then any resulting royalties from streams get redistributed out to the original artist and the remixer.

Apparently DJ mixes are next:

” . . . A big part of the news about these partnerships was that MixBANK also can license songs that are inside of longform DJ mixes. This will be huge – DJ mixes historically have always been relegated to dedicated sites like Mixcloud or Soundcloud. Being on a streaming service means you get a built-in audience for your mixes . . .”

ALL of that in mind, I kinda do agree that it would be a perfect time for Spotify to wrap up the buy of Soundcloud they’ve been sniffing around and go for it. Win/win for everyone if this works like advertised on the tin!

Semi-interesting, at least to my little brain, is it seems that for one brand new edgy business, it near always already has a rival at it’s public announcement – the latest being MixBANK, with me hearing about Orfium (https://www.orfium.com) a few weeks back first.

If you haven’t got one already, I’d recommend you get yourself a MixBANK (https://app.mixbank.com/sign-up) account. (And most assuredly a Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com) one if you’ve not got one of those already).

Just got schooling from @MMMixes , @tonymaserati , and Stevie Wonder stopped by to say hey! Thanks @AESorg and @WavesAudioLtd , very cool!

Manny Stevie @ Waves AESJust stopped by Los Angeles AES for a bit and stumbled over to the Waves booth where Manny Marroquin happened to be answering crowd questions, and then . . . Tony Maserati stepped out of the crowd to help out Manny with crowd questions . . . AND THEN . . . Stevie Wonder(!!!) randomly walked over to say hey to everyone and talk to Manny for a minute. And here I figured it was going to just be a bunch of so-so gear booths, haha!

Very cool stuff, especially since I just finished my first day of “Art of Mixing” at Point Blank L.A. on Thursday. Coupling all I just learned in class with a great teach, with what some of the top level pros had to say was, again, verrrrry cool!

DJ TekMonki – Musik/Love Vol. 1 (https://soundcloud.com/tekmonki/musiklove-vol-1/s-6M8Qv)

First DJ mix in a lonnnng time (straight from L.A.) for you to bump in your ride, throw down at your pool or BBQ party, groove to while you’re working out, or just sit back and enjoy!!!

Your thoughts, comments, critiques,  and love is most assuredly welcome – but again and most of all, enjoy!

TekMonki @ SoundCloud link (download or stream)

Feel free to share!


“When I go to a nightclub, you know…
I’m not going for the fire that’s coming out of the walls, yeah…I’m not going there to be in the VIP area and drink fancy fucking champagne.
Nah, I’m not going for none of those reasons to tell you the truth, you know…

I’m just going for the music…

I don’t need big breaks and a big song with a buildup and lights and smoke… fuck all that, I don’t need none of that shit…
I just need some good music…

When I do go out man I just wanna have a drink and just sit back and be by myself…
And just nod my head to some good music…

I’m just a regular guy, you know, who walks into a club and wants to hear a groove.

My life ain’t gonna change tonight… but yours is…”


Here’s the trainspotter track list:

  1. The Black 80s – Move On (Hollis P Monroe and Wrong Jeremy Mix)
  2. Tensnake – No Relief
  3. Dark Mountain Group – Lose Control
  4. Danny Tenaglia – Music is the Answer (Deep Dish Deadline
  5. Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique – Love Is Free
  6. Groove Armada – Set Me Free (Balearic Mix)
  7. Thee Maddkatt Courtship – My Life Muzik (Celine Fisher Mainframe Club Mix)
  8. Simian Mobile Disco – Put Your Hands Together
  9. Róisín Murphy – Let Me Know (Andy Cato Vedra Mix)
  10. Peace Division – Club Therapy (John Ciafone Vocal Mix)
  11. Ralphi Rosario – Take Me Up (Lego’s Club Mix)
  12. Booka Shade – Bad Love (Groove Armadad UK Drop Mix)
  13. Groove Armada – Stevie Latenight
  14. RÜFÜS DU SOL – Innerbloom