GarageBand “Female Basic” Chain and Settings?

GarageBand Icon 1024x1024Hey all!

Hope you’re well.

I’ve been working with a friend recently and she initially sent me some stuff that she recorded via GarageBand with a “Female Basic” instrument setting. We then later re-recorded into Live, but we’re finding that we actually like the versions she sent me. Now part of it is that I’m a mix/recording noob, and if I weren’t could easily emulate the sound in Live in about 5 minutes, but in the effort of just moving our sessions along, anyone know the chain and settings for the “Female Basic” Instrument in GarageBand?

I tried checking on the GarageBand in my iPad v1, but no such Instrument and it’s all up to date. Worst case she can drag her Mac over or I can go over and write down every last setting I suppose, but figured one of you savvy peoples may know.


Random: Bridges of Music County. Today’s? @erasureinfo (for even extra random!) La La La!







Though as maddening as it can be sometimes, one of the many things I love about music is how it presents itself randomly to my brain.  Today?  (Or one of many today already rather?)  One of my top 10, or maybe even top 5 bridge/middle-eights – from an old Erasure b-side – “La La La” – It’s on the “Love To Hate You” maxi-cd single.  Heh, maxi-cd’s.  Look it up kids!

There has to be a little passion in your life.
You’ve got to put the world to rights,
Before too long. (before too long)
When I was young i thought that everything was good,
But how it slowly fades away…

I’ll be going away soon,
For the warm,
Whoa ooh… (going away soon)
To the warm.
Whoa ooh…
Don’t be naive,
Don’t deny what you see.
Where lies the truth?
Hidden deep, in-between.

Lyrics aren’t something I much focus on in general, but these coupled with those chords resonate with me.  Too. True.

Just as I’m finally getting into @beatsmusic . . .

Apple slowly starts to devour it’s acquisition and do who knows exactly what with it.


especially this:

“All of which suggests that while the Beats Music brand may be going away, on-demand streaming from Apple could easily take another form. If iTunes is remade as a kind of celestial jukebox that combines your MP3s and on-demand streaming into a single place . . .”

something Google Play Music has been doing for some time now with a pretty amazing “radio” feature to boot.

Radio as in “yeah, this track’s cool, I’m too lazy or busy to DJ right now, play me some similar shit please!”

Sussudio was a 909?!?

“For his hit single “Sussudio”, Phil Collins processed a 909 beat with his signature gated-reverb effect:”


“The Rise and Fall of MP3” over at @AskAudioMag







Interesting article over at Ask Audio about MP3’s short and waning history.  I won’t miss the crap quality when it’s gone, that’s for sure.  If only I could get everyone I know on one streaming service (spotify, beats, soundcloud, etc) for easier in the moment sharing though.  That or they finally come up with a universal standard that cross-links between services.

Hmmm . . . brb, brushing up on my coding.  🙂

New Zero 7 (@zero7official) EP – “Simple Science”!







I’ve been asleep at the  apparently – new Zero 7 (@zero7official) EP – “Simple Science”!  Out today/tomorrow I believe, unless the music industry at large has changed everything to a global release date.

Check it out below – I need to give it a proper listen on proper speakers, but I’m feelin’ tracks 3 & 4 out the gate for sure!


Integral Knowledge for Producers/Noob Mix Engineers







Came across this a bit ago, and been meaning to share.  Definitely one of those “oh, WOW” lightning bolt moments in my brain that come too rarely (jokes as you like on that one).


The hardest part I feel for producers is getting the low end SOLID. You listen to your favorite tracks, which just sound so clean so full…beautiful ( if your a production nerd like me, this can be the case) .  You want to get your low end to sound the same, you want it to PUNCH through the mix and have power. More often then not, your left with a rumbling mess of 50hz noise that doesn’t sound punchy or powerful. It just sounds like a wall of shit. I had this problem for years, I’d think ” ( pro’s ) bass range sounds SO simple, so clean….the funny part was, the answer was in my question the entire time.

Reason 8, And It Looks Great!

I got my start (working “In The Box”) with Reason waaaaay back in the day.  Well, technically it was ReBirth, but I digress.  Anyway, every so often I’m verrrry tempted to get the upgrade at that price point – but I need another technical rabbit hole to disappear into, thereby giving me another excuse not to write a damn tune, like a need a . . .

One day, one day . . .

That said, this update looks HUGE, and very cool!

Reason 8 introduces a redesigned user interface with a whole new look and even smoother creative flow, while the new browser and search window provides immediate drag-and-drop access to inspiring samples, loops, and patches. Expanding on Reason’s included collection of instruments and effects are the new amps from Softube, bringing a variety of first-class guitar and bass tones to the rack. Countless workflow improvements make for a more streamlined music creation experience, allowing musicians and producers to move quickly from initial idea to a completed song. And with an ever-expanding selection of Rack Extension plug-ins available in the Propellerhead shop, Reason 8 provides everything users will ever need to make music.