Random: Bridges of Music County. Today’s? @erasureinfo (for even extra random!) La La La!







Though as maddening as it can be sometimes, one of the many things I love about music is how it presents itself randomly to my brain.  Today?  (Or one of many today already rather?)  One of my top 10, or maybe even top 5 bridge/middle-eights – from an old Erasure b-side – “La La La” – It’s on the “Love To Hate You” maxi-cd single.  Heh, maxi-cd’s.  Look it up kids!

There has to be a little passion in your life.

You’ve got to put the world to rights,

Before too long. (before too long)

When I was young i thought that everything was good,

But how it slowly fades away…

I’ll be going away soon,

For the warm,

Whoa ooh… (going away soon)

To the warm.

Whoa ooh…

Don’t be naive,

Don’t deny what you see.

Where lies the truth?

Hidden deep, in-between.

Lyrics aren’t something I much focus on in general, but these coupled with those chords resonate with me.  Too. True.

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