Blizzard of New Music! @petshopboys @MassiveAttackUK @underworldlive @ChemBros

Ritual Spirit

So I dunno if it’s because they heard about the epic NYC blizzard and wanted to help out or what, but the great new music dropping left and right in the past few days is a wonderful blizzard all it’s own!







New Pet Shop Boys –

New Underworld –

New Chemical Brothers vid –

And my current fave of the bunch I’m excited about, new Massive Attack! (I’ve heard it, it’s HOT!) –

TekMonki, Now With More Reason (v8, and 400+ tracks)!

Reason Logo

First of all . . .  Happy New Year!  Hope this finds all of you well.

In the midst of trying to re-mix and re-master some old tracks of mine ( to make them sound better, I came to remember that I did a lot of that stuff in Reason, the software I cut my “in the box” teeth on (and Cubase, but another story there), and as such, I needed to open them up in Reason to really get them to sound right and up-to-date.

So, I finally got my hands on Reason 8 and . . .wow.  First, let’s just say I have a TON of old song files to finish (over 400 it looks like)!  But beyond that, a whole new DAW to re-familiarize myself with – and lot of new stuff with it to learn.

Anyway, I opened just one of my old tracks at random and . . . let’s just say it was inspiring, to get off my ass and start being more prolific.

Look forward to some new stuff in the new year!


Random: Bridges of Music County. Today’s? @erasureinfo (for even extra random!) La La La!







Though as maddening as it can be sometimes, one of the many things I love about music is how it presents itself randomly to my brain.  Today?  (Or one of many today already rather?)  One of my top 10, or maybe even top 5 bridge/middle-eights – from an old Erasure b-side – “La La La” – It’s on the “Love To Hate You” maxi-cd single.  Heh, maxi-cd’s.  Look it up kids!

There has to be a little passion in your life.

You’ve got to put the world to rights,

Before too long. (before too long)

When I was young i thought that everything was good,

But how it slowly fades away…

I’ll be going away soon,

For the warm,

Whoa ooh… (going away soon)

To the warm.

Whoa ooh…

Don’t be naive,

Don’t deny what you see.

Where lies the truth?

Hidden deep, in-between.

Lyrics aren’t something I much focus on in general, but these coupled with those chords resonate with me.  Too. True.

Just as I’m finally getting into @beatsmusic . . .

Apple slowly starts to devour it’s acquisition and do who knows exactly what with it.


especially this:

“All of which suggests that while the Beats Music brand may be going away, on-demand streaming from Apple could easily take another form. If iTunes is remade as a kind of celestial jukebox that combines your MP3s and on-demand streaming into a single place . . .”

something Google Play Music has been doing for some time now with a pretty amazing “radio” feature to boot.

Radio as in “yeah, this track’s cool, I’m too lazy or busy to DJ right now, play me some similar shit please!”

Sussudio was a 909?!?

“For his hit single “Sussudio”, Phil Collins processed a 909 beat with his signature gated-reverb effect:”


New Zero 7 (@zero7official) EP – “Simple Science”!







I’ve been asleep at the  apparently – new Zero 7 (@zero7official) EP – “Simple Science”!  Out today/tomorrow I believe, unless the music industry at large has changed everything to a global release date.

Check it out below – I need to give it a proper listen on proper speakers, but I’m feelin’ tracks 3 & 4 out the gate for sure!